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IMC originated in the United States. It was founded in 1903 by several factory directors (Foremen) with the assistance of YMCA in Hartford, Connecticut, United States. It was originally called INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CLUB and referred to as IMC. Later, it gradually spread to more than 40 states in the United States. It has most branches and many members, and they are all well-known people in the industrial and commercial circles. The name has also been changed to INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT COUNCIL and is still referred to as IMC. Because of its complete organization and vigorous spirit, it promotes conference affairs in a democratic style, which not only cultivates many business circles in the United States Leading talents and seeking welfare for society have made great contributions to the development of American industry. In 1935, the first National Convention was held in New York, and after that, the National Convention was held annually in major cities such as Philadelphia, Washington, and Chicago.
Mr. Wu Jinchuan, Chairman of the IMC National Federation of the Republic of China, was sent to the United States and Japan by the United States ICA (Internation Coopcration Administration) in 1961 for inspection and research. Seeing that the United States attaches great importance to the research on business operation and management, companies If an expert with authority in operation and management can be hired, the company’s stock will rise immediately. Once the expert leaves, the company’s stock will fall immediately. Afterwards, seminars on industrial and commercial management were held in the hot spring areas of Hakone and Atami in Japan. The industrial and commercial practitioners of the white-haired old man participated enthusiastically. It is no accident that the rapid economic growth of Japan and the United States is deeply felt. After returning to Taiwan, at the YMCA (Youth Christian Association) conference in Taipei, he reported on the economic investigations of the United States and Japan, emphasizing that my country must pay attention to the study of industrial and commercial management, and rush to catch up. President) and together with Lin Boshi, Mr. Wu Nanxiong, Wu Wentong, Mr. Ou Ziying, Huang Tuying, and Wen Xixi, and Mr. Wu Anan came back from the United States to inspect the YMCA ministry and reported that the United States has IMC (Industrial Management) under the YMCA. Club) engaged in the research and guidance of business management, and established the Taipei International Business Management Research Association (YMCA IMC) on May 5, 1961, which is the first IMC in my country, and the IMC headquarters in the United States sent a special telegram to congratulate it. All over the country, Taichung City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Chiayi City, Keelung City, Changhua County, Tainan County and other places have successively established friendship societies.
On February 16, 1973, the International Management Council of R.O.C. of the Republic of China was established in response to the warm requests of various industrial and economic societies and the mutual support and cooperation of various industrial and economic societies for joint research and friendship. ), a conference is held every year in various places of the IMC. The first conference was held at the Taipei Ambassador Hotel on November 17, 1973. Mr. Li Guoding, the then Minister of Finance, was invited to give a special speech; Tenth National Convention President President Will R. Stone sent a letter on behalf of 190 branches across the United States to celebrate our first National Convention. Since then, a national conference will be held every year according to the rules. November 4, 1989 is the 17th national conference, which will be held in Tainan on a rotating basis. Mr. Wu Jinchuan, considering that IMC has taken root in China, re-authorized the certificate for each company in the country. The president of the club has a “chain of power”. IMC is an internationally renowned professional society that specializes in discussing, researching, how to successfully run a business, and effectively manage it. In the past 42 years, he has played an active role in the advanced industrial and commercial circles in the country. He has spared no effort in training business operators and how to manage and invest in financial management. Sincerity is an academy for business operators and a cradle for business leaders!

The current President of the Federation of the IMC of the Republic of China

Yeh, Hsin Chin

The Chair of the international affair committee

Chen, Kuen Yang

The vice Chair of the international affair committee

Tsai Chao-Yi

The vice Chair of the international affair committee

Aaron Lin

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