AOTS provides an opportunity for young people to join AOTS Experience Japan Program.

In the advent of globalization, it seems inescapable that we must work in harmony with people of different cultural backgrounds and thought patterns. There is a great need for human resources capable of flexibly adjusting and responding when they interact with someone whose cultural identities, business practices, and thought tendencies are all different from their own.

This program is aimed for youths in southeast and south Asia etc., responsible for the future of the regions. The participants will improve their ability of multi-cultural understanding and communication, through experiences in Japan, a country of different culture from their own.

This program will be useful for their global career development, regardless of the countries of their origin. We hope that they will benefit from the program, and serve as bridges between Japan and their home countries in the future.
Please do not miss this precious opportunity for your children.

Application Deadline: 31 July, 2018
**Upon reaching the number of participants, we will close before 31 July.
  ◇Duration:20 August  24 August, 2018
  ◇Target Participants: Young person aged around 15 to 25 years old
*Parental accompaniment are arranged for lower fee
Schedule: Please visit Website
Participation Fee
Participant 198,000 JPY
Accompanying Person (Parents) 100,000 JPY
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